The 3 Secrets to Communicating
with Your Deceased Loved Ones 

Awaken Your Mind to Receive Afterlife Messages 


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with Rebecca Austill-Clausen, MS

Occupational Therapist, Reiki Master and award-winning author, Change Maker: How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life

 October 2, 2021

2:00 pm EST • 1:00 pm CST • 11:00 am PST • 6:00 pm GMT

60 minutes teaching / 30 minutes Q&A

Imagine. . . transforming your deep grief and loneliness into joyful heart-to-heart afterlife communication that brings you peace.

Your loved one has died.

You wonder if you can ever continue to exchange contact by receiving and sending messages to each other.

You question if your loneliness causes you to believe that the afterlife may be real.

Millions of people regularly experience contact with their loved ones living in the afterlife.

Yet we don’t often share this because we are concerned people will think we have lost our minds.

In this free online training, you will learn the three secrets of after-death communication with your deceased loved ones:

Key #1: Believe the Afterlife is Real and Accessible

Receive multiple examples of afterlife messages that prove after-death communication is possible for YOU!

Key #2: Trust Your Inner Guidance

Discover how trusting yourself can break open the barriers that limit your awareness of eternal existence.

Key #3: LOVE Surpasses All Boundaries

Explore how LOVE passes through all earthly barriers and is always received by our deceased loved ones.

Unlock these three keys of discovery to maintain a continued connection with your loved ones living in the afterlife.

I invite you to join me to explore how after-death communication is a process you can learn.

Joy will return to your life when you understand that signs, symbols, and harmonious events occur because your deceased loved one is sending you messages.

Your grief will recede.

Reduce your grief and explore the three secrets to receiving and sending after-death communication messages with your loved ones living in the afterlife.

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What participants are saying about working with Rebecca . . .

"Thank you for giving hope to our parents and for allowing them to explore ways to connect with their children in spirit. Our parents easily identified with your upbeat compassionate presentation and your kind, easy-going style."

Elizabeth Boisson, President & Co-Founder, Helping Parents Heal
"Becky’s story of connection with her deceased brother along with her engaging style is extremely meaningful and well received. I highly recommend Becky’s heartwarming and enlightening presentation."

~ Amy Gerney, OTD, OTR/L, 
Past President, Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association

"Rebecca skillfully bridges spirituality & science, leaving  you inspired, energized and wanting more!"

Dave Roberts, BA, MSW, Adjunct Professor of Psychology and Psychology Child-Life

Meet Rebecca Austill-Clausen

Rebecca Austill-Clausen is an Occupational Therapist, Reiki Master, and author of the award-winning book: Change Maker, How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life.

Rebecca discovered the ability to communicate with her deceased brother in 1995, even though she had no psychic or spiritual skills. Rebecca passionately believes that if she can communicate with deceased loved ones, so can you!

She explored the afterlife for 25 years, including after-death communication, shamanism, meditation, automatic writing, studies in Celtic and Peruvian pathways, nature spirits, sound healing, and integrative health modalities. Becky’s studies gave her the courage to share her incredible journey of LOVE with our world.

Becky’s inspirational events are presented worldwide during empowering and validating courses. She thoroughly enjoys sharing enlightenment about the three secrets to communicating with our deceased loved ones.

Come learn that the afterlife is real!

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