Airport Love x 2

I stared with confusion at the self-check baggage kiosk in the Seattle-Tacoma airport terminal. Almost immediately, a smiling blond middle-aged American Airlines assistant approached and asked if she could help. After hearing my hearty affirmation, she questioned my accent, thinking I was from New York. I exclaimed, “No! I grew up in Boston and to think I am from New York is not a compliment for a Bostonian,” I said with a laugh as the Red Sox –Yankee rivalry remained fresh in my mind. She grinned, especially upon hearing I was traveling to NYC to receive two awards for my recently published book, Change Maker, How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life.

At her request, I explained that my brother David died at age 37. I share that my book

Change Maker described how I learned to communicate with David and additional spiritual entities even though I had no prior psychic abilities.

Her eyes filled with water as she shared that her Mom passed on 1.5 years ago and although she didn’t believe in all this “hocus pocus,” she did have an experience with her deceased Mom. She described attending a family reunion where everyone was reminiscing about her Mother. She missed her Mom a lot and soon left the gathering, went to the beach and began talking to her Mother, asking for a sign she was around.

Within just a few moments, she reached down to pick up a white pottery shard with green lettering lying on the sand directly in front of her. She excitedly exclaimed that her Mom collected pottery and had spent the last three years of her life sharing pottery with family and friends. She was sure this was a message from her Mom.

I hugged her and gently asked why she didn’t believe her Mom communicated with her. She said, “Oh, I do feel this was a message from my Mom, but I don’t see her, except in dreams.

I assured her that loved ones use whatever ways they can to communicate with us, especially in dreams. I confirmed that she really did experience an after-death communication.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a rose quartz heart, presenting it to her with love. I asked if she was familiar with Reiki and she nodded her head emphatically. I offered her the heart while explaining rose quartz represents love. I was a Reiki Master, and this heart shaped crystal had been attuned with Reiki and was filled with love. We grinned, thanked each other and hugged. And… I even received a free baggage check when I finalized arrangements at the luggage counter!

After I dashed through security, I passed a lovely Coach leather store. That morning I decided a classy carry all was needed for my three days at Book Expo of America. I never owned a Coach bag but decided to peruse the shop. A lovely young woman, with long dark hair cascading down her back immediately demonstrated the expansive Coach bag features. She explained that Coach began in New York City by six men who realized how long leather baseball gloves lasted and decided wallets and purses needed the same loving care. My new Coach bag was going to be perfect!

As I was checking out, the saleslady asked where I was headed, and I mentioned New York City to attend Book Expo of America. She asked about my book, and I quickly explained the contents. With shining eyes, she said that her Mom passed away five years ago and loved owls. This sales person described driving with her aunt a few months ago when a snowy white owl appeared in front of the car. The owl hovered there for at least five minutes. The sales lady said she started to cry, as she was sure it was her Mom communicating.

I asked how this experience made her feel? Peaceful and glad her Mom was all right was her immediate answer. I gave her a huge hug, thanked her for this grand story and assured her she received communication from her Mom in the after-life.

That morning I placed two rose quartz crystals in my pants pocket. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the second pink crystal. I offered it to her while explaining rose quartz represents love. Love from me, love from her Mom, universal love for her. We hugged for a long moment, sharing LOVE.

Airport Love x 2… magnificent validations that deceased loved ones do communicate with us especially when we pay attention.

Rebecca Austill-Clausen is a Reiki Master, speaker, Occupational Therapist, and award-wining author of Change Maker, How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life, available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Indie bookstores nationwide.


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