Spirit Matters

spirit matters Oct 17, 2017

Buddhist peace flags fluttered on gentle breezes, as we drove up the winding road to Point Reyes National Seashore. “Let’s stop!” I exclaim to my husband Jeff. We planned to have lunch and were thrilled to see a small café beside this exquisite metaphysical shop nestled in the woods.

A driftwood arch invited us to enter. Red and pink flowers were stretching gaily from their winter cocoon. Snow had been our constant companion on this late spring trip, and the splash of color was a welcome change. River washed stones brightened our path up the steps to the door.

“Look, it’s called Spirit Matters! exclaims Jeff. Six women chattered gaily perusing the eclectic new age displays as we entered this friendly gift shop. I quickly moved towards the back of the store where a woman was playing crystal singing bowls chanting melodiously with each tone.

I took a deep cleansing breath and felt calming energy move through me, clearing out the kinks from our 3,000-mile drive from Pennsylvania to California. My ametrine crystal singing bowl set, the one I use to supplement Reiki teachings, was sitting in the sun at home. The familiar vibrational crystalline sounds were healing and appreciated.

A variety of body, mind and spirit books captured my attention. Jeff had already discovered a poetry book by my Dad’s favorite poet, Pulitzer Prize winning poet Mary Oliver. I was honored to include her poem, “The World I Live In” as the frontispiece in my book Change Maker, How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life.

Standing in line to purchase another paperback to read on our trip, I overhear a brightly dressed woman describe a wedding she performed “yesterday.” She talked animatedly about the service, sharing facets about the spiritual nature-oriented script. I smile with delight and wait my turn to speak to the storeowner.

After a few moments, the owner turns to me with a smile. I offer a postcard size flyer that describes my book, explaining that Change Maker had just won three awards and would she be interested in considering it for her store, Spirit Matters? She asked to see a copy. I grinned at Jeff and quickly went to our car to retrieve it. She flipped through the pages and immediately said, “I’ll purchase three copies.”

As I autographed the book in a small comfortable nook in the back of the gift shop, the spiritual minster came by and picked up a copy. After chatting for a few minutes and sharing experiences, she decided to buy a copy. By this time, the two women who were looking at the crystal singing bowls had overheard my talk about being on a five-month trip across county, promoting Change Maker while visiting twelve National Parks.

The singer asked if Jeff and I would like a traveling song to bless our journey. Of course, we’d be delighted! We each grinned with anticipation and moved outside to the front of the store. We stood in the garden beside the curved wooden arch. Jeff and I moved to each side of the singer, and we all held hands as the minister and two other women who had attended the wedding, formed a circle of love.

Native American chants rose gloriously up and down the scales as the singers’ perfectly pitched voice sailed melodiously across the wind. Flowers twinkled and appeared to burst open, rocks sang and delicate wind chimes added their high-pitched tones to this stunning orchestral journey blessing.

At the close of this magical performance, Jeff began chatting animatedly with the singer. He shared his love of Native American flute music. I turned to speak with an older woman with a delightful impish smile. I had seen her purchase a whimsical fairy and was curious about her interests. She quickly described a tour in Ireland where she experienced numerous fairy sightings. We grinned with mutual interest as she shared contact information for her tour guide. My dream trip to Ireland, Scotland and England just became a reality.

The synchronicities that occurred this day were incredible.

Keeping our hearts open facilitates a reciprocal exchange of shared energy, especially love. When we allow ourselves to flow, life provides amazing adventures.

Yes, spirit matters.


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