Spirit Matters

spirit matters Oct 17, 2017

Buddhist peace flags fluttered on gentle breezes, as we drove up the winding road to Point Reyes National Seashore. “Let’s stop!” I exclaim to my husband Jeff. We planned to have lunch and were thrilled to see a small café beside this exquisite metaphysical shop nestled in the woods.

A driftwood arch invited us to enter. Red and pink flowers were stretching gaily from their winter cocoon. Snow had been our constant companion on this late spring trip, and the splash of color was a welcome change. River washed stones brightened our path up the steps to the door.

“Look, it’s called Spirit Matters! exclaims Jeff. Six women chattered gaily perusing the eclectic new age displays as we entered this friendly gift shop. I quickly moved towards the back of the store where a woman was playing crystal singing bowls chanting melodiously with each tone.

I took a deep cleansing breath and felt calming energy move through me, clearing out the...

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Airport Love x 2

I stared with confusion at the self-check baggage kiosk in the Seattle-Tacoma airport terminal. Almost immediately, a smiling blond middle-aged American Airlines assistant approached and asked if she could help. After hearing my hearty affirmation, she questioned my accent, thinking I was from New York. I exclaimed, “No! I grew up in Boston and to think I am from New York is not a compliment for a Bostonian,” I said with a laugh as the Red Sox –Yankee rivalry remained fresh in my mind. She grinned, especially upon hearing I was traveling to NYC to receive two awards for my recently published book, Change Maker, How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life.

At her request, I explained that my brother David died at age 37. I share that my book

Change Maker described how I learned to communicate with David and additional spiritual entities even though I had no prior psychic abilities.

Her eyes filled with water as she shared that her Mom passed on 1.5 years...

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Life’s Synchronicities: I Became An Author Today

spirituality Jun 14, 2016

Today I received ARC’s – Advanced Reader Copies of my book. My hands shook as I opened the priority package retrieved at the tiny Three Rivers post office located outside Sequoia National Park. I rub the soft matte cover, flip through the pages and marvel at the beautiful illustrations. Tears of joy and relief fall on these newly bound and printed “Uncorrected Galley Proof” volumes.

The cover picture has accompanied my husband Jeff and myself as we travel across the United States on a pre-book publication tour that coincides with our goal to visit all 59 National Parks. Jeff takes a picture of me with Change Maker’s book cover at each of the 14 National Parks and areas we are visiting this trip. The diversity of nature’s bounty, apparent at every national site is incredible.

Yesterday I read a quote by Sigurd F. Olson, wilderness advocate that hung at Lodgepole Market and Visitor Center: “The real significance of...

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Nature Eases Meditation

meditation Jun 07, 2016

I always wanted to meditate but didn’t know how.

After my brother David died, I spent about two hours a day outside. Listening to leaves rustle in the wind soothed the aches in my soul. Walking on paths strewn with scented pine needles brightened my depressed state. Hearing bird’s twitter and caw distracted my confused thoughts.

I often sank to the sun-warmed ground in front of an ancient tree. As a kid, I loved climbing trees and frequently built tree houses where I would sit and listen to the forest sounds for hours.

As an adult reeling from David’s passage, I returned to the woods. Often I would lean against a tree and close my eyes. I breathed slowly and deeply while tears rained on forest moss. Gradually my pain lessened. My mind cleared and I relaxed. I sat for 10 maybe 15 minutes in quiet peace, breathing slowly until I felt ready to return. I gradually opened my eyes, bright and refreshed, calm centering my universe.

I had no idea this was meditation until...

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