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Weekend, Certificate Provided, 1-Day Classes


Reiki Level I~ Sat., March 5, 2022: 12-7:00 pm EST

Reiki Level II~ Sun., March 6, 2022: 12-7:00 pm EST

Reiki Master Level III~ Sat., March 12, 2022, 12-7:00 pm EST

(Reiki Master requires at least 6 months experience after receiving a Reiki Level II certificate from any Reiki Master and completion of a 1:1 interview with Rebecca to apply)

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I’m excited to provide highly effective 1-day experiential Reiki training sessions online during the weekend in March 2022. Receive a certificate in Usui Reiki Natural Energy Healing. Learn how to self-heal and facilitate healing in others.

Reiki Level I activates your natural healing abilities. You receive and share Reiki with three different 1:1 partners by using break out rooms designed to enable this energy transfer.

Reiki Level II provides the explanation of “why” Reiki works along with additional supplemental modality trainings. Receive and share Reiki with three different partners using break out rooms that enhance natural energy healing transfer.

Gaining knowledge about Reiki Level I, followed immediately by Reiki Level II in the same weekend is the best way to experience Reiki, in Rebecca’s opinion.

Reiki Master, Level III training is for experienced Reiki practitioners, those with at least 6 months of practice after receiving a Reiki Level II certificate from any Reiki Master and completing a 1:1 interview with Rebecca. The Reiki Master Level III training involves advanced clinical instruction and multiple techniques designed to facilitate teaching Reiki including how to provide the Reiki attunement (activation) process. 

Each Reiki Level course is approved for Occupational Therapy practitioners, educators, and students for 6.0 contact hours by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy and the Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Education and Licensure Board.

Medical professionals and all others are encouraged to attend this one day transformational session of healing for yourself and family, friends, client’s, colleagues and even pets!

Attendees at Rebecca’s 7-week online LIVE After-Death Communication course receive discounted rates to attend Reiki Immersion Online. Reiki enhances communication with our deceased loved ones living beyond.

Come join the millions of people that have experienced Reiki’s healing benefits!

Registration begins early February 2022.

American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference – In Person

“Reiki, A Biofield Energy Complementary Health Modality Used with OT”

Reiki Level I and Reiki Level II One Day, Certificate Provided Trainings!


San Antonio, Texas

Reiki Level I Institute: Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Reiki Level II (two back to back workshops): Thursday, April 1, 2022

Registration Information: AOTA.org

Contact: [email protected] for course information


It’s wonderful being accepted again to present both Reiki Level I and Reiki Level II at the AOTA San Antonio, Texas in-person Annual Conference in 2022. I’m thrilled to be the first person to present Reiki certificate provided courses at in-person AOTA Annual Conferences each year since 2015!

Come receive in-person training in Reiki Level I as a Pre-Conference Institute on Wednesday, March 30 from 12-6:30 pm. Discover how to use Reiki as part of your Occupational Therapy treatment for clients with pain, anxiety, stress, arthritis, hip and shoulder fractures and a variety of musculoskeletal issues. Activate your own healing energy in this one day Reiki training program designed specifically for OT practitioners, educators, and students. Share Reiki with multiple partners in a 1:1 in-person format. Use your Reiki skills immediately with clients following completion of this one day course. Receive a Reiki Level I certificate in Usui Reiki Natural Energy Healing at the completion of this empowering one day training program.

Attend two back to back 3-hour workshops in Reiki Level II provided the day after Reiki Level I. Attendees must have a Reiki Level I certificate to enable attendance at this intermediate Reiki training course. Discover why Reiki works, learn long distance healing, and expand your skills with supplemental complementary modalities that work well with Reiki. Research, documentation, and techniques to provide Reiki in a variety of settings including hospitals, outpatient, rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities, hospice, and pediatrics are explained. Practice giving and receiving Reiki with multiple 1:1 partners. Receive a Reiki Level II Usui Reiki Natural Energy Healing certificate after attending this exciting and validating intermediate Reiki 1-day training program.

Experience the magical setting for Reiki training, held in a spa type environment that facilitates our natural energy healing skills for ourselves and our clients.

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