Nature Eases Meditation

meditation Jun 07, 2016

I always wanted to meditate but didn’t know how.

After my brother David died, I spent about two hours a day outside. Listening to leaves rustle in the wind soothed the aches in my soul. Walking on paths strewn with scented pine needles brightened my depressed state. Hearing bird’s twitter and caw distracted my confused thoughts.

I often sank to the sun-warmed ground in front of an ancient tree. As a kid, I loved climbing trees and frequently built tree houses where I would sit and listen to the forest sounds for hours.

As an adult reeling from David’s passage, I returned to the woods. Often I would lean against a tree and close my eyes. I breathed slowly and deeply while tears rained on forest moss. Gradually my pain lessened. My mind cleared and I relaxed. I sat for 10 maybe 15 minutes in quiet peace, breathing slowly until I felt ready to return. I gradually opened my eyes, bright and refreshed, calm centering my universe.

I had no idea this was meditation until...

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