Spirit Matters

spirit matters Oct 17, 2017

Buddhist peace flags fluttered on gentle breezes, as we drove up the winding road to Point Reyes National Seashore. “Let’s stop!” I exclaim to my husband Jeff. We planned to have lunch and were thrilled to see a small café beside this exquisite metaphysical shop nestled in the woods.

A driftwood arch invited us to enter. Red and pink flowers were stretching gaily from their winter cocoon. Snow had been our constant companion on this late spring trip, and the splash of color was a welcome change. River washed stones brightened our path up the steps to the door.

“Look, it’s called Spirit Matters! exclaims Jeff. Six women chattered gaily perusing the eclectic new age displays as we entered this friendly gift shop. I quickly moved towards the back of the store where a woman was playing crystal singing bowls chanting melodiously with each tone.

I took a deep cleansing breath and felt calming energy move through me, clearing out the...

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