Life’s Synchronicities: I Became An Author Today

spirituality Jun 14, 2016

Today I received ARC’s – Advanced Reader Copies of my book. My hands shook as I opened the priority package retrieved at the tiny Three Rivers post office located outside Sequoia National Park. I rub the soft matte cover, flip through the pages and marvel at the beautiful illustrations. Tears of joy and relief fall on these newly bound and printed “Uncorrected Galley Proof” volumes.

The cover picture has accompanied my husband Jeff and myself as we travel across the United States on a pre-book publication tour that coincides with our goal to visit all 59 National Parks. Jeff takes a picture of me with Change Maker’s book cover at each of the 14 National Parks and areas we are visiting this trip. The diversity of nature’s bounty, apparent at every national site is incredible.

Yesterday I read a quote by Sigurd F. Olson, wilderness advocate that hung at Lodgepole Market and Visitor Center: “The real significance of...

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