Rebecca’s Free Introduction to
Afterlife Communication

 Free Introduction to Afterlife Communication Course is designed to assist your desire to communicate with deceased loved ones. There is no right or wrong way to receive messages from those that have passed on. Follow your heart and your intuition. Believe you can communicate with your loved ones from the after life.

Embrace the learnings. Explore the teachings. Massage the information to work for you.

Lesson 1: The Healing Power of Meditation
Lesson 2: Take Time for You
Lesson 3: Nature’s Gifts
Lesson 4: Animal Messages and Additional Communication Signs 
Lesson 5: Communicating with Deceased Loved Ones
Lesson 6: Exploring Crystal Energy
Lesson 7: Complementary Modalities and The Power of Love

Rebecca’s Free Introduction to Afterlife Communication Course welcomes you to the wonders of communicating with your loved ones that live beyond.

In the fall, I offer an enlightening program during one weekend called After-Death Communication, Discover Your Unique Skills to Continue Your Connection with Your Deceased Loved Ones. In a 2020 three week post course survey, 100% of the respondents said they believe they can receive and send communication with their loved ones living beyond. All sessions are recorded so you never have to worry about missing any information. Each weekly session is 1.5 hours and includes lots of experiential activities, resources, and a wonderful community of like-minded souls. I’d thoroughly enjoy seeing you at this empowering and transformational course of LOVE!

Enjoy the journey. Know that you are loved.

Sending you lots of LOVE always and forever,

Rebecca Austill-Clausen

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