Speaker Topics

Rebecca is an engaging and insightful speaker at universities, national, state and local metaphysical and new age expo’s, holistic conferences, yoga/new age retreat centers, hospice programs, retirement communities and integrative health centers. She also enjoys speaking to book clubs in person or via Zoom. Customized topics are easily accommodated.

  • After-Death Communication Is Possible For You!
  • How I Learned to Talk with My “Dead” Brother
  • Everyday Communication From the Afterlife
  • Reiki, A Natural Healing Energy
  • Meditation for the Busy Person
  • Gaining Courage to Pursue Your Dream
  • Death – Do We Die or Just Transform?
  • The Healing Qualities of Nature
  • Forest Bathing
  • Additional topics are available and easily customized

Contact Rebecca to schedule an enlightening speaker engagement.

University Topics for OT, PT and Medical Programs

  • Reiki, A Complementary Health Biofield Energy Modality (6 hour certificate workshop)
  • Spirituality and Occupational Therapy
  • Incorporating Complementary Modalities into Traditional Medical Care
  • Additional topics upon request.