UPCOMING: Reiki Immersion Online! March 5, 6, and 12th, 2022

Speaker Topics

Rebecca is an engaging and insightful speaker at universities, national, state and local metaphysical and new age expo’s, holistic conferences, yoga/new age retreat centers, hospice programs, retirement communities and integrative health centers. She also enjoys speaking to book clubs in person or via Zoom. Customized topics are easily accommodated.

  • After-Death Communication Is Possible For You!
  • How I Learned to Talk with My “Dead” Brother
  • Everyday Communication From the Afterlife
  • Reiki, A Natural Healing Energy
  • Meditation for the Busy Person
  • Gaining Courage to Pursue Your Dream
  • Death – Do We Die or Just Transform?
  • The Healing Qualities of Nature
  • Forest Bathing
  • Additional topics are available and easily customized

Contact Rebecca to schedule an enlightening speaker engagement.

University Topics for OT, PT and Medical Programs

  • Reiki, A Complementary Health Biofield Energy Modality (6 hour certificate workshop)
  • Spirituality and Occupational Therapy
  • Incorporating Complementary Modalities into Traditional Medical Care
  • Additional topics upon request.